End the criminalization of solidarity to refugees NOW!

End the criminalization of solidarity to refugees NOW!

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε: Κυρ, 17/01/2016 - 12:22μμ

Report (14.1.16) from Chios, which characteristically shows how the situation has exacerbated during the last week:


·         The deployment of FRONTEX has begun without any information by the Greek govmt. towards the local politicians or the local population.

·          FRONTEX is now present everywhere. Patrols are executed in a permanent way at the spots where the refugee boats land. The FRONTEX policemen sit together with their Greek colleagues in the Greek police cars.

·         The coast guard – most likely by order of FRONTEX – doesn't allow anymore fisher boats rented by helping organisations, to leave the harbour and help refugees in the rubber boats to reach the coast.

·         The Greek police together with the FRONTEX cops ask for the ID cards of all helpers at the beaches on the pretext to prevent robbing of the refugees, plundering the boats or the stealing of the outboard engines.

·         Today (14.01.) some custom officers went to a small harbour to control the boxes with clothes etc. which are sent by citizens to the organizations and groups that provide the first aid to the arriving refugees.

·         The Spanish volunteer who took pictures of the Dutch FRONTEX boat in the harbour and was arrested, will probably be charged for "spying".

·         The two Swiss volunteers who where caught with some hashish were sentenced to 8 month prison on bail each.

·         It seems that the situation has worsened also on the Turkish coast. Patrol boats are all day long present on the straight between Turkey and Chios so that no refugee boat can pass. Even though the weather today (14.01.) was very good and the sea quiet no refugee boat come until late in the evening.