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It is a part of the anticapitalist, internationalist and democratic left. It's a collective that fights for the defense of Political and Social Rights from the perspective of the subordinated class, the struggle for opening the social movements' spaces of liberty. It understands politics also from the perspective of providing an alternative model of organizing society, which will fulfill the real needs of people and will be based on social self-organizing and horizontal collaboration.

It supports every form of resistance against neoliberal policies and the deconstruction of the 'welfare state', against privatizations, job cuts and flexibility of work. It contributes to the unity of national and migrant working class, it stands by to people and movements that struggle for national and social emancipation and insists that power is not only a matter of class, basically meaning the oppression striving from the patriarchal character of all social models independently from economic growth or types of administrations.

It clashes with racism and nationalism, militarisation and imperialism, first of all inside Greece. It fights for equal rights for migrants and national minorities, for the unity of the Balkan people, the withdrawal of all armies from Yugoslavia and Albania It stands for the armed defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan and Iraq and in solidarity with the peoples' resistance in Palestine and Iraq. It takes part in all campaigns for the cancellation of all armed weapon programs and for the stoppage of use of nuclear energy for military or peaceful purposes.

It believes that capitalism does not only exploit but also destroys nature and humankind and so in this way the Network strongly participates in the international movement against 'globalization', meaning neoliberal looting and imperialistic aggressiveness. Through this movement it fights to enforce an international social plan of democratic workers power, a plan of a plentiful society contented with little, using only mild kind of energy, balanced development and multinational coexistence.

It fights to abolish class, gender, national and religious discrimination. It states that the right to difference can be really exercised only in conditions of 'equal freedom' and 'free equality' and believes that socialism and communism cannot be anything less than the society in which equality guarantees freedom and freedom guarantees equality.

It believes that Neoliberal attack can be stopped and the possibility of social change can be proved only through unity of the working class and of the social movements, the common action of the Left and initiatives that include broad social layers.

 IS BILLETED AT 13 TSAMADOU str, Exarheia, Athens.

Tel. +302109813928