First SYRIZA's goverment...A Parenthesis, but not a left one

  • Δημοσιεύτηκε: Δευ, 28/09/2015 - 10:15πμ

Just before the Greek elections...


Syriza’s mutation (on the political, ideological, value etc. level) apart from the anti-grassroots character this mutation has,  it also triggers political developments towards the right. We are driven to bipartisan / “universal” governmental solutions in order to implement the 3rd memorandum and consolidate the country's total subjection to EU’s overall planning.
The basic responsibility for the above situation lies with the government. However, we do not underestimate the overwhelming international balance of power against the Greek side, neither the rabid war rulers have waged to crush the “left paradigm” in Greece. It is probable that even if the necessary preparation for a Grexit from the Eurozone was made and the decisiveness for a rupture existed that the battle wouldn’t have been won. But then, things would have been much different.
On the contrary, the prime-minister’s staff in an amazing mixture of self-deception, bourgeois Europeanism, autocratic leadership, lack of transparency, deceit, anti-democratic manipulations and amoralism managed to fragment Syriza party, abandon its social alliances, disappoint a big fraction of the “62% of OXI”, convince a part of the society that There Is No Alternative, that the memoranda are the only way, create the objective conditions for the far-right's re-enforcement and above all, they managed to discredit the Left's ideas and its ethical supremacy.  Syriza’s mutation is a one-way street and as far as we are concerned, it is something we are categorically against.

The post-election period will be characterized by the intensity of an antisocial attack and authoritarianism - especially if “universal” governments are established. The main areas such an attack will target are labour issues, the insurance system and the migrants'/refugees' issues.  For this reason, it is urgent to have an as-wide-as-possible coordination of unions, committees and assemblies against all the different aspects of the 3rd memorandum.   And this should be done without attempts for hegemony and long-winded speeches, having specific demands and adopting unifying forms of struggle in a nationwide network with  social solidarity and self-organization as protagonists. 
At the same time, we believe that it is of the highest importance that a political-activist collective for exploration and action be created. This collective should have a strong youth dimension and should try to find the passage for a left counterattack and reconstruct movements with comradeship and in a militant way . A collective that will have the courage to think and the power to act both at a personal and  a collective level.
 In this sense, we believe that all those people that will choose to participate in the 20th of September elections ought to support any left, anti-memorandum and anti-capitalist ballots as a minimum defence against the right counterattack and the devaluation of the Left. For this, they should consider the necessity for the 5th July’s “OXI” to be expressed in the parliament. 

Network for Political and Social Rights