Organizing committee for the actions against the Global Forum on Migration and Development

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On Saturday 19th of September in the  premises of the Economic University of Athens (ASOEE) was held the 1st coordinating meeting for the actions against the GFMD.Our target is to make a united and co-organized by different groups and organizations antiracist “agenda” on the occasion of the 3d Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Athens from 2 until 5 of novembe. From the preparatory meeting of ASOEE we decided to make an organizing comity for the co-ordination of all the actions during the days of the GFMD.


What is the GFMD? 

The creation of the GFMD started from the general assembly of the UN. On September 2006.its an effort for doing an international co-ordination in governmental level for the “equitable management of immigration”as they say. Its obvious that on their plans the needs and the rights of migrants and refugees does not worry anybody! On the 2nd GFMD that was held in Manila Philippines there was a participation of representatives from 163 member states of the UNHCR and observers from the UN.(look at: http://www.gfmdathe


What is the GFMD going to do during those dyas in Athens?

 The intergovernmental meeting of the GFMD witch will be held in Athens (Megaro mousikis)  on the 4th and 5th of November with the participation of the general secretariat of the UN Bang ki mun and heads of states.

While the intergovernmental meeting is held, on 2 and 3 of November the Civil society (migrants organizations, ngo’s trade unions) will have its other meeting at the ASTERAS VOULIAGMENI hotel to talk about migrants problems and issues.


The decisions of the preparatory meeting. 

 Against the hypocrisy of the governments and their representatives that will participate at the GFMD we claim:


-        Legalization for all migrants with all the political, social, and labour rights

-        Asylum and housing for all the economic and political refugees

-        Stop the migration and asylum pact of the E.U

-        Stop the FRONTEX military missions on the E.U borders

-        Stop the fascist  and racist attacks on migrants and refugees

-        Stop the racist laws that have been voted fro the governments. 


We seek that the mobilizations against the GFMD will be the chance for as to bring forward to society and the governments the demands of the anti-racist movements that fought and still fights against the racist policy’s of the government’s, and to defend the rights of migrants and refugees.


The decisions of the preparatory meeting are:


1)A mass informative campaign to the Greek society about the GFMD

And the international sessions, and actions of the antiracist movement’s during those day’s.

2)The creation of the International meeting of the antiracist and migrants movement from Sunday 1st of November until Tuesday 3 of November.

With general assemblies workshops and many more issues(on the second face we will announce the full program the places that the discussions will be held and the speakers).

There will be discussions about the situation in the 3d world countries and the anti-migrants and anti-refugee policy of fortress Europe.

The situation in Greece and our alternative proposals  in opposition on the anti-migrant, and anti-refugee policies of the governments.

The uprising of the far right –wing parties, racist, and fascist groups around Europe

And discussions on the issue of education.

3)Mass mobilizations and actions from 31 of October until the 5th of November

With the responsibility for the organizations or groups that organize them.


On the preparatory meeting that took part on the 19th of September there where organizations and migrant groups.

This where:


  • International Assebly of Migrants and Refugees (IAMR) * ATIK-Confederation of workers from Turkey in Europe * MIGRANTE EUROPE * OLME(greek federation of teachers)as observers, movement against racism and the fascist threat, Amnesty International (as observers).
  • From migrant and refugee communities and organizations : Action Congo,United African Women, Moroccan community, afghan community, Pakistan community of Greece,
  • From other organizations NGO’s and groups where: Movement for the defence of migrants and refugees,  alliance stop the war, women’s Global Course, ANTIGONI(ngo) ,  Network of Social Support to Migrants and Refugees, ARSIS(ngo), people from the 6th department of Athens, Group Deport Racism, Sunday School for Migrants, YRE Greek section, Unity of Workers, Youth of Synaspismos( left wing party), Bellaciao, Kokkino(left wing organization) , Ksekinima(left wing organization) , DEA(left wing organization) , KOE (communist organization of Greece), Department for rights of SYRIZA(SYRIZA is the coalition party of the left in Greece), Peoples Fighting Movement, Taksiki poria(movement of the class), OKDE/SPARTAKOS, SEK.

Also in the same days of preparatory meeting for the GFMD

KASAPI-HELLAS (Philippino Migrant Community in Greece) and the Peoples Global Action(PGA) had another preparatory meeting for the GFMD. Witch will also organize discussions, workshops, and meetings about migration on the opposition of the GFMD.